Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some comments left by my readers...keep 'em coming!!

FreeMoneyPieRecipe said...
Hello Mrs. Hope,

This is Doug Barger. I just wanted to say thank-you for the tips. I signed up for your Hopechest Marketing Newsletter.
I am eager to read it!


December 13, 2006 2:13:00 PM CST

hopechest said...
Thanks Doug, your feedback is always welcome! You're always sooo informative and I've grown to trust your judgment and wouldn't hesitate to take your advice. Thanks again!

December 13, 2006 3:21:00 PM CST

FreeMoneyPieRecipe said...

I am really enjoying this website. Thank you for making it available. I believe alot of people will be continuing to come here for the quality help that you provide for them and make available. This blog is definitely a great place to come... for anyone and everyone! You definitely have many gifts and talent. They shine through this site. I love the way you share new and cutting-edge marketing information with your members and new visitors to your blog. No wonder so many people have been signing up for their membership to "Hopechest"!! I can't wait to receive the next Hopechest Newsletter, because I KNOW that there will be ways for me to make money and lots of valuable information in the "Goodies" section. It is one of my favorite sections of the newsletter.
I do have just one question though.
You DO have an autoresponder to handle ALL the New Subscriptions don't you? I hope that is not a silly question. I was just wondering what kind of vitamins your secretary takes if she had to handle all of that work herself.
Anyway, Jennifer, I do so much appreciate the wealth of your quality information, programs and products. God Bless you and yours, your members and everyone who comes to this blog! Merry Christmas and Happy New 2007!,

Christmas is near!

Hi Everyone:)

Just a little personal note today.

Well its that time of year again and if any of you know what this time of year is like when you have kids you will all understand how busy life gets. Imagine having 5 kids!! Yup, we have 5 kids and I've come to the conclusion that no matter how early you start Christmas shopping, you're still scrambling at the last minute. The only thing that comes with starting early is that you spend WAY more money then you initially budget for. Oh well...this time of year is for the kids anyways, I love making them happy.

So between my job and Christmas ~ I've been very busy and haven't had much time to add valuable information to my blog. But, I have gotten some comments that I'm going to post and share with everyone:)

Thanks to everyone that has signed up for my newsletter, this is all new to me and would love any feedback to let me know what do to improve.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe and proseperous New Year!


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Are you a blogger?


This is all moving along soo smoothly. If you're just starting out and its your first visit to my blog, read my very first post that I wrote and see where I started out you will see that I am just a normal person looking for help! I'm not an internet marketing guru (yet), I am an average person looking to learn ways of making money online.

If you're getting frustrated, its ok! I've been frustrated over and over again and its a normal thing I've learned! But stay POSITIVE! Keep working, initially signing up for all these traffic programs and well...all the free money making affiliate programs, it seems soooo tedious at first and you just want to quit. BUT DON'T. This all takes time and in the end you will be very happy you stuck it out! Follow me along my journey and you too will succeed! What do you have to lose? I'm submitting an article on how to generate traffic to your blog...its a MUST READ!

Are you a blogger? Trying to figure out a way to drive visitors to your blog? Check this out.....I'm sooo excited that I found this.

“5 Killer Techniques To Effectively Use A Traffic Exchange To Drive Visitors To Your Blog”

Chances are, traffic exchanges don’t rank high in your list of traffic generating tactics. That could be due to the fact that members of a traffic exchange system, are usually owners of websites. Rarely do you come across a blog when surfing for credits.

However, this should not in any way, discourage you from signing up with a traffic exchange. Forget the baloney that the so-called ‘gurus’ keep dishing out – that this method doesn’t work anymore for blog owners. It does work wonders, if used properly. In fact, many blogmasters are driving a steady stream of visitors to their blog, by employing some incredibly simple tactics when using traffic exchanges.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight in to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of this article, shall we?

Here are 5 killer techniques to effectively use a traffic exchange system to drive targeted traffic to your blog:-

Killer Technique # 1: In lieu of promoting your blog on a traffic exchange, create a squeeze page and advertise that instead. A squeeze page is also known as a ‘capture page’, since you capture the prospect’s name and email address first, (you can offer a free bonus to get them to fill in the form), before re-directing them to your blog.

This technique has worked like magic for every blog owner who’s applied it, so you may definitely want to give it a try too.

Killer Technique # 2: Advertise your traffic exchange referral links from one exchange to another, and build your downline quickly and easily. Plus, this method works great, because you obtain a ton of free credits. So anyway, how can this help drive traffic to your blog?

Simple. Many traffic exchanges out there enable you to email your downline a certain number of times per week, right? Well, the larger your downline, the more people you can expose your blog to!

Killer Technique # 3: Run a free giveaway campaign on your blog. Implementing this technique will result in more ‘surfers’ staying on your blog even after the timer has run out, because hey, everybody loves free stuff, don’t they?

You can also insert an opt-in form, encouraging them to subscribe to your ezine.

Killer Technique # 4: Trade links with fellow blog owners using the same traffic exchange you are. Make sure your link is displayed prominently on their blog, and do the same for them. Here’s how it really works – when visitors are exposed to others’ blogs, they’re bound to see your link on it too, which can lead to more traffic for you. This is known as the ‘piggyback’ technique, where you’re ‘borrowing’ other folks’ traffic for your own blog.

Killer Technique # 5: As mentioned earlier on in this article, the majority of members of a traffic exchange system are owners of various websites. Although these sites come under different niches, most of them belong to the category of internet marketing.

Now what you’ve got to do here, is similar to technique #4. The only difference being, that you exchange links with websites, instead of blogs. This is a better idea actually, since you can get triple the amount of traffic than when you trade links with other blogs.

Well, there you have it! A brief, but hopefully informative article on how blog owners can effectively use a traffic exchange system to drive traffic to their blog!
"Attention all blog owners! Finally, a unique, one-of-a-kind traffic exchange program exclusively for blogs. Sign up now for FREE, and instantly generate a ton of targeted traffic to your blog!"

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I got ANOTHER referral in my downline!


If you say that sentence enough, even if you are having a rough will make you feel sooo much better.

I've spent a few days away from my blog to do some researching online, signing up for free traffic sites etc. This is essential in your online success! Don't be fooled by those hyped up ads that promise you great fortune with little to no work! Come on people, if that were true don't you think everyone would be jumping on those opportunites?? It never hurts to do a little work, besides its VERY REWARDING when you've worked so hard and you start to finally see results!

In a previous post I told you about a new online business opportunity ~

Remember how I told you its free to sign up? Well it still is but time is of the essence because I heard a rumor that they will be launching in the next couple weeks!! I woke up this morning and I had ANOTHER referral under me. This is sooo fantastic. I can't explain how excited I am. I'm a newbie and things are flowing for me that I never expected to happen. I'm a skeptical person when it comes to these things and I can honestly say that I really think this is going to work for me! Have I said how excited I am yet???

I came across another great site today, its a free ad site that is TRULY FREE! Its below or copy and paste into your browser to check it out!

Anywho, today was a positive reinforcement day and I hope you take what I've told you today and put it to work.

Remember to check out

Sign up....its free!!!

Good luck and I WILL be back!


ps. Don't hesitate to leave a comment that I can publish that may have some helpfull information for all of us newbies!

pps. Another great site to check out
I just found it and its free to sign up!!

ppps. I have come across some great places that are a must do on your "TO DO LIST"...
Here is another free advertising site:

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Great tips and opportunities you DON'T want to let pass you by!!!

Hi Everyone:)

Hope you're all having a good day, if not, after you read and take advantage of what I have for you today it will probably be your best day ever!! I have ALOT of work to do today so I'll be updating this periodically through the day, make sure to keep coming back for updates..TRUST ME you don't want to miss out. I am truly having fun with this, and if I can have fun AND make money???!!! How cool is that!!!

Anywho, my first tip for today is an offer to sign up for FREE to an entertainment website. What you get is your own website and right now because it is in prelaunch ~ its free to sign up. Once it is launched, it won't be free anymore (for new sign ups). You're membership is free for life. Your job is to get as many referrals under you as possible. Then once they do launch it ...just watch your money roll in!! If you're new and don't know how to spread your name around the internet (for free) email me at and I will tell you ways to do that.

Copy and paste this link into the address bar and sign up now!! What do you have to lose? Its free!!

Anyways, I'll be back, I have more "homework" to do:)

Ciao for now;)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Great tips people!!!

Hello everyone:)

Here are some great tips that I received and got the go ahead to post them on the blog! Its free information so TAKE ADVANTAGE AND READ IT!!!

Here are some quick tips for success faster online. These will add value to your site and internet marketing knowledge without having to learn the hard way like I did.

First: Download the Alexa toolbar
This is the #1 Authority on Traffic ranking

You will be able to see what other websites are ranking in addition to improving your rank.

Second: Place a link to your website (links like landmines strategically pointing and aiming at your website like arrows at a target) on High Traffic and High ranking websites that relate to what you are selling or promoting
on Your website. This will qualify the visitors that come to your website because they are deciding to click on your link from a site that has to do with what you have to do with and means the chances of them buying from you is greater because they are already looking for your site. Also, the search engines view a high ranking and high traffic website as important and relevant. Remember search engines strive to be the most relevant. That's where they get their money. The higher the ranking and importance of the website that links TO your website,
and the more important and high ranking, relevant, high traffic websites YOU have linking TO your website, the More Important YOUR WEBSITE is to the search engine and you will get higher ranks, higher ranking search listing results and a stream of more visitors, leading to more customers. Plus other website owners now view your site as more valuable, providing more value and opportunities for you. This one little tip and Search Engine Optimization Stategy known as link building, is very valuable and can add much money in value to your site.
Also, unique, quality content is good for your site. Also, Having the name, title of website, description, keywords, metatags, and content all with the same words in them, make it easier on the search engine to identify exactly what you are offering, and in return, will give you a higher search engine ranking that will increase in the long run.
Search engine traffic will be vital.
Third or Fourth? Enter in "Top 50 Article Directories" in Search Engine as a search.
Many of these are free to join.
They are also free to write an article and submit it to their directory. You can add a link to your website in the "About the author" section. (This provides another relevant link to YOUR WEBSITE and gives the search engine more about your site to make it even more important) Just remember NOT to mention your link in the articles as this is viewed as "spammy" Write them about a field related to a topic relevant to your website industry.

This also quickly establishes you as a published author and a credible "authority" or "expert" in your field and industry, that will build credibility and trust, thus giving you more market share.

Posting comments with signatures containing a link to your website will also build links pointing toward your site in High traffic, ranking, respected forums.
Blogging for dollars will also work, as it does the same thing.

Writing a quick personal recommendation of a product in your email "autoresponder" or "away" or "vacation" autoresponder email option, will add exposure by sending an automatic reply thanking everyone who sends you an email and advertising your opportunity with them. You'll be surprised who joins up with you because of these.

Also You must build a "List"
In order to have a business, you must have a contact list.

This means a list of 1000s of names and email addresses.

In order to get this list, you need to have a separate site dedicated to just getting your list. This will contain a quick description of what you are offering, what they can expect to gain as a result of joining or finding out more, or even "sign up for a free newsletter that will help you" or "sign up to download your free ebook that is worth $97 and will give you the techniques to" Then when they sign up to receive a newsletter that can be something as simple as what I'm giving you right now, it will only take you a few minutes to make it, but you can send it out to everyone who signs up. This will give them value. You might even get the ebook for free or just make the newsletter for free.
Well, Now, you have their name and email known as "opt-in" meaning NOT SPAM but from someone who has signed up to receive emails from you. You can even put at the bottom of the sign up when you "capture" their email and name
"lead" (because this "contact" information leads to a sale and more importantly a lifetime customer and trusted business relationship for years to come which is worth far more than just a one time sale in the long run.
You can put at the bottom, by signing up for this free newsletter, ebook, etc. I agree to receive contact or promotions from Jennifer or the name of your website.
Anyway,when you advertise, promote this email lead capture list buiding site, just like you are this blog, you will now have thousands of names and email addresses that you will make ONE list. Now, anytime you want to make some $Cash$ on demand, you can send an email containing the offer to those who you value as members of your list and you will receive a much higher sales conversion ratio then just advertising and "hoping" to sale for several reasons.
1.They will recognize your name
2.They will trust the sender
3.They have received something of value from you.
4.They respect you
5.They are targeted meaning they are highly qualified buyers for what you are selling
6.They will be your customer for life.
7.They see their First Name instead of just "Dear Friend" or something generic and impersonal.

Jennifer, I hope you know that the information I have just shared with you is worth potentially millions of dollars and is the perfect way for you to begin your business.

This will save you thousands of dollars and many hours of hit and miss and trial and error heartache/heartbreak/anger and frustration.

These are the killer secret strategies of true internet marketing professionals.
Please use them to grow your business. Remember, no list, no business and Grow list, grow business.

Please feel free to email me and update me on your progress, because I get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I have helped or been a "blessing" to someone who is just starting their successful internet marketing career. Good Success Be Yours Always, Doug Barger.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We CAN make money online without spending any!!

Ok, I know how the saying goes "If its too good to be true...." But not with this priceless information!!

I came across some information that blew my mind and makes total sense!! If you're reading my blog right now, you're here because you're alot like me and you're trying to get in on the Internet Marketing world. You've probably come across many ads that promise making thousands of dollars without spending dollars. Well alot of these are doubt about it. This one is 100% free, from step 1 to step 3. But you do have to work at it. I'm currently working on writing an article ~ just going through the process and trying to decide what kind of article I'm going to write. I will keep you posted on how I make out with this. But what do I have to lose, other then time and sore fingers from typing so much. This is a great way to make money to go towards your ad campaigns with your "main" website you're working on. This is a complete and total godsend. And I really wouldn't share this if it didn't come from a reliable source!!! Trust me on that one:)

Try yourself..make your own judgments and please, leave messages here on your successes (or no success).

Click on the above link (let me know if it doesn't work!)

Just so you know, I get no rewards or payments for promoting this site so I'm not trying to make money from you checking it out....SO CHECK IT OUT!!